The Rumble

by The Rumble

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released July 1, 2014

Produced by Kirill Telichev
Photo by Alastair Pollock
Original music by The Rumble except Old Friend (Armstrong, Freeman, Fredriksen)



all rights reserved


The Rumble Calgary, Alberta

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Track Name: Thread
Did you know that you're an open book with nothing written in it but a wish

And there's something in her story that you need to find but you really don't know what it is

Cause she's a mystery full of misery and man it's hard to follow the plot

So you swear on The Earth and the people you love there's something she needs that you got

And she said she's only holding on by a thread
Don't let it down don't lower your guard she'll only stop when you're dead

We walked into the diner fuckin four AM she said "What can I get for you sirs?"

I said "A gram of Coca-Cola and a can of coffee and a cup of cocaine can't hurt"

She said "I think you guys are a little confused" I said "that's one thing I can guarantee

And I don't mean to dine and dash but I misread the card that said 'buy ten get none free'"

Track Name: Boiling Bones
It was a decade ago we dug into the underground it took them a day to forget our name

We started a fire from here to the coast it took them a day to douse the flame

We came back home and said "why did we leave, there ain't no friends outside of these walls"

These tales of love and of peace of mind are so elusive and yet so tall

Now he walks through his old neighborhood like a cold cold breaze

Where they let the weeds grow and they hacked down all the old trees

They said "this ain't no retreat son, things change don't look so blue

I wouldn't want you to think there's nothing happening without you, but I know that you do"

Oh, tell me it's not true. Oh no we had a plan for you.

The old man said that it's time for you to go and I hope that you boys never stop

He said "life's like a big pot of boiling bones, you know the scum finds its way to the top"

But I've seen some in the bottom and some in the middle and some burning in the fire on the stove

So when you're out making friends take a look at their eyes not their hair, their car, or their clothes.

With no light in the night he can't see what he is to burn

No heat from a house and he's glad for a reason to learn

In the spark the obituaries, headlines, and old jobs for hire

He learns that yesterdays news is only good for today's fire

And today the present will learn that it's been used

And the bomb will try to blame the fuse
Track Name: Broken Glass
The machine decided to decline her card

I told her richness can be measured in her art

Now she's finding out she's as broke as my heart

And that the bus don't take the same roads as her car

She's got an evil glare even when she tries to grin

She don't like advice about her situation

Now she's trying to take a dip from an empty tin

I told her people in this game can never win

I said "life won't always be great, sometimes you just should be glad you're alive

And it ain't easy for no one, but happiness is always worth a try"

She said "thanks for the advice man, I can't believe I'm getting it for free

But tell me, if you're so wise, what are you doing in the same place as me?"

So now I'm staying away from places that she might

Be stationed on the sofa for a night

Afraid of finding out that she was right

'Cause I never did learn how to take things light

But I still think of her after too much to drink

Importance surfaces when you can't even think

Do you distract yourself and find another fling?

Maybe fear and common sense are the same thing

She's got sheets over your windows, there's no clock but the TV's alway on

And the day that noise was missing, you found the thing smashed out on the lawn

Now the world keeps getting warmer, The Earth begins to show its brand new grass

And that light is so inviting, but is that morning dew

Or broken glass
Track Name: Faith
I wish those bells could pick me up on a Sunday morning

And that the fear of hell was enough to keep me under control

I wish I believed any one could be forgiven

Oh I'd kill to believe some one could save my soul

I wish that I had faith and I believed any one could be saved I'd be such a holy man today

There'd be nothing I could ever fear with the strength of the lord always so near and I'd pray every day for you and me
End Chorus

I'd feel so bad about the sins I committed

But I wouldn't regret all the many I didn't

Life would be good 'cause when I die it'd be even better

I might believe there was one even though I sure as shit ain't met her


Well I hear every thing you've been saying, I know you don't care

But if a man like you is denied lory it wouldn't be fair

Cause I've seen you love a friend like you were a brother

It goes to show you don't need faith in god to have faith in each other

Track Name: Old Friend
Not ours
Track Name: Hunger and Heartbreak
I'm searching for an ashtray for a cigarette

I know it's only butts left but I'll take what I can get

I used to cry about you and pray for you every night

Now I can't remember what your pretty face looks like

I 'd have given up my car for you

I'd have given my guitar for you

But it's only now I've really understood

That this hunger pain makes a broken heart feel so good

Danny blames recession

Pablo blames his health

Everybody sais addiction's a disease but I only blame my self

The police will always ask me

Of any marks or tattoos

I just laugh when i explain the heart with me plus you

I'd have given up my job for you

Now I don't think I'm above robbing you

I've done a lot of things that I didn't want to do

I just wanna get back to the luxury of missing you
Track Name: Direction
She said "it's fifth and sixth or sixth and fifth

I really don't remember which"

She said "call me when you're close, I'll come outside for a smoke"

But everything looked different when it started to snow

I can never remember what streets are what way

I can't see the city lights cause I'm too far away

She told me she's got money, I can just call a cab

I'm on some asian sounding street and some high numbered ave

I know I can ask for directions

From any stranger on the street

I know I got plenty friends I can call that know this city better than me

But who's gonna give me directions

When there's nowhere I can stand to be

Who do I call for protection, when I don't know whats threatening me anymore

You take a right at the bench where we first kissed

And a left at the stop we caught the bus as kids

If we fall in the river then I'll know where we are

But if we hit the rails I think we've gone too far

I think the address is 2033

If you drive past the curb you'll probably see me asleep

This isn't my home but I do live here

So give me a call if you're anywhere near

If you try really hard to remember

You'll know that moss grows north on a tree

Somehow you think that'll do you some good when your map runs out of batteries

Who's gonna give me directions

When there's nowhere I can stand to be

Who do I call for protection

When I don't know what threatening me anymore

I'm sorry for the last time you had to get me

If there was anybody else I'd have just let you be

But I love you so much 'cause you never tell me to change

But if you knew me better you wouldn't tell me the same

If you try really hard to remember

You'll know that moss grows north on a tree

With a little bit of love and a little bit of luck you'll find your better than me
Track Name: Charm
There was painful picture that'd been pickled and preserved that popped up from a pocket in my brain

Where stolen smoke in my eye wasn't the reason I was crying and I was a little too late for the train

You know the ones that push you to this place before will be nice enough to save you a spot

But you know it don't matter if you're hooked to the hate

You'll find your way there, pushed or not

But you won't charm me again

You hoped that I'd never change so you'd always win

You ain't gonna charm me again my friend

I've been learning this lesson for so long, tell me when is it gonna end

I couldn't get lost enough that's when I turned my back on the map

I didn't listen when they said where to go, they didn't listen when I said relax

You know I hate this violent shit but I'll take another hit if it means I don't have to go home

Sometimes a kiss from a clenched up fist is still better than being alone

You ain't gonna charm me again

I keep my eyes wide to see the bright side and I wonder if it's ever been

You ain't gonna charm me again my friend

I didn't think I was the pessimist I seem

But I can't speak for my pen

So it was a restless Calgary Saturday night, where I know nobody's gonna be happy until they fuck or fight, and while the city was drying in its new coat of red I gotta tell you guys what this tough boy said, he said "let's go where's your friends?" I said " that's a good question, you wanna get a drink or something?" that's when he hit me with what I was guessing was a practiced right hook, or maybe a fist filler and all these fighters and no lover is gonna make me a killer and I know that you might think you're better if you ain't never thrown a fist, like there ain't so many more ways to hurt people than this, and I can't be around people that are causing pain for fun, I didn't believe in a soul until I saw you had none, I didn't believe in a soul until I saw you had none, I didn't believe in a soul until I saw you had none, I didn't believe in a soul until I saw you didn' have one.

You ain't gonna charm me again

You hoped that I'd never change so, you'd always win

No you ain't gonna charm me again my friend

I've been learning this lesson for so long

Tell me when is it gonna end
Track Name: Pissin' and Moanin'
Like a search light outside your window

Your dreams will keep you up at night

There's no difference between lying and running

From a real star or a dream spotlight

You think it's just pissin' and moanin'

And it's all just about some girl

One thing that you may never understand

Some people weren't made for this world

We got pills to make us happy

And pills for falling asleep

All these pills have left a hole to fill

And I'm not sure who I'm supposed to be

You said maybe to answer every question

The world is too grey to know where you are

You could have had a ride in either direction

Now you're killed in the road by two cars

Sometimes life rips like a shotgun

You dust off and get hit again

Don't you know that this game is rigged

Sorry but the house always wins

We got bills to leave us hungry

And bills to put us to tears

Now I'm up on the ropes, with nowhere to go

We got bills to keep us for years

How do we get out of here?